Stay on top of plant and facility needs and keep track of the work that needs to be done with VertiGIS FM Maintenance. Enrich operational safety with software for both maintenance and service management 

Structured planning

Plan infrastructure and facility maintenance. Keep track of resources and time needs and use this information to develop future strategies.  

Maintain safety measures

Ensure that legal and safety requirements are met and document the measures carried out during projects. 

Map-centered management

Keep track of ongoing tasks using maps and improve inspection procedures with spatial overviews and diagrams. 

Stay ahead of damage

Manage defect reports, keep track of on-site damage, and oversee downtimes and warranties. Use this information to delegate tasks – in real-time and in advance.

Provide evidence of work performed

Provide evidence of completed inspections and maintenance – with photos – and retrieve this data in a customizable document at any time.

Meet necessary requirements

Establish uniform work procedures that consider legal obligations. Use checklists and process documents to ensure that you meet the requirements needed to maintain necessary qualifications.

Advance warehouse organization

Improve warehouse organization by keeping track of spare parts that can be removed, setting up inventory procedures for categorizing products, and managing activities for fulfilling orders and monitoring movement of goods.

Improve time recording procedures

Store time data in a central location and simplify billing needs by ensuring that times are precisely recorded. Keep track of hourly rates in predefined lists to simplify the process of logging work hours.

Manage projects with ease

Stay on top of ongoing construction projects and ensure that work is completed on time. Document project progress and record status updates to keep stakeholders informed.

Set up digital fleet management

Store insurance data, leasing contracts, invoices, and accident/damage notes for each of your vehicles. Use this information to stay updated on usage, costs, energy consumption and more.

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