Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Maintenance & operations management with VertiGIS FM.

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The Challenge

In the utilities industry, it’s important that tasks are completed in legally compliant ways. This helps to protect end-users and reduce risks. For companies like Wasserverband Ossiacher See in Austria, this means documenting operator responsibilities, maintenance records, and project statuses precisely and accurately. When determining utility costs, time information and maintenance needs need to be recorded correctly. To simplify this process and ensure that tasks can be completed as efficiently as possible, Wasserverband Ossiacher See needed a system that could help them spatially visualize objects, and centrally store information about assets and maintenance needs.

The Solution

With VertiGIS FM, Wasserverband Ossiacher See can centrally store maintenance and task information. This gives employees a clear overview of their assigned tasks and allows them to access the asset information they need. Role-based assignments and automatic notifications have been set up to alert stakeholders and supervisors when tasks are completed. Issues and pending tasks can be easily viewed in a central location.

Field workers are also benefiting from the new system. Offline capabilities allow them to view task information directly on tablets and mobile devices. The camera functionalities available in VertiGIS FM are popular and are being used to add photo-based documentation needed to orient objects in the field.

The Results

With VertiGIS FM, employees have access to centralized information device-independently. This is helping them to better document, organize and streamline complex tasks. More clarity is available around task expectations and communication between employees and departments is simplified. Together, this reduces the time employees need to spend on tedious administrative tasks and leaves them more time to spend on important operational and maintenance activities.

All Customer Stories