Wed, 21 Apr 2021

Modern pipeline management and data integration.

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The Challenge

Based in Schwedt, Germany, Mineralölverbundleitung GmbH Schwedt (MVL) transports, handles and stores crude oil for the German refinery industry. Product quality, plant safety and environmental protection are its top priorities. It stores arriving petroleum in ten 30,000 cubic metre tanks before distributing it via a pipeline system to plants in Schwedt and Spergau for refining. After the discontinuation of an older system, MVL needed to find a modern solution for the management of its 730 km pipeline network. In 2013, VertiGIS’ GEONIS product was selected as MVLs new solution.

The Solution

Thanks to the high level of configurability allowed by VertiGIS’ GEONIS solutions, MVL was able to accurately position components inside the pipeline, calibrate pipeline length calculations and generate flow profiles. With the introduction of the “Land Map Book”, land parcels with their existing easements could be connected to their respective owners. This merging of long-distance pipeline information with data on landowners and use contracts essentially created a one-stop shop for MVL increasing efficiency and accuracy of information.

The Result

The user-friendly data publication system, another very important component of the solution, makes the information accessible to a wide audience. This is made possible using ArcGIS Server and VertiGIS’ GEONIS Server and WebOffice. The pipeline route managers of MVL benefit from the fast and simple output.

All Customer Stories