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Wed, 15 Jun 2022

Anne Arundel County: Supporting Citizens with VertiGIS Studio Web

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Anne Arundel County, located in Maryland, is home to nearly 600,000 citizens. GIS plays an important role in their County – it is used to help citizens learn more about their neighborhoods and connect with their communities! 

For the past ten years, Anne Arundel County has worked with VertiGIS to build the mapping applications their citizens need. Within the County’s administrative office there is a small team of GIS specialists who work together to provide GIS services to 1,600 internal users and thousands of community members. To encourage public GIS use, they operate a public-facing library of GIS applications with purposes ranging from finding public parks to offering insights on city maintenance plans. The use of GIS within Anne Arundel County is a great example of how geospatial information can be used to support and connect communities! 

We were recently joined by Anne Arundel County and Directions Magazine to present a webinar that discussed GIS use within Anne Arundel County. The webinar focused on Anne Arundel’s public MyAnneArundel map viewer – a one-stop spot for interactive maps that provide information about capital improvement projects, trash/recycling collection days, emergency services and community facilities. You can view the webinar at the bottom of this page.  

The MyAnneArundel map viewer

As discussed in the webinar, in December 2019, Anne Arundel County migrated their GIS applications from VertiGIS’ legacy product, Geocortex Essentials, to VertiGIS’ modernized platform, VertiGIS Studio Web. The goal of this migration was to improve the County’s GIS offerings and allow them to create more advanced – and simpler – user interfaces. Since then, that goal has been achieved! Since migrating to VertiGIS Studio Web, Anne Arundel County has improved their GIS applications – including their MyAnneArundel viewer – to make them better and easier-to-use than ever before.  

With VertiGIS Studio Web, Anne Arundel’s GIS team can take advantage of the expansive range of development frameworks that VertiGIS Studio technology offers. When it comes to the MyAnneArundel viewer, the team has used VertiGIS Studio Web to incorporate modernized functionalities including oblique imagery, property look-up, reporting capabilities, drawing, measuring, printing, property search options and more. And, migrating to VertiGIS Studio Web has allowed them to better comply with ADA requirements, create a more consistent look and feel for their applications and increase efficiency when it comes to building and deploying new applications! 

Migrating to VertiGIS Studio Web has also allowed Anne Arundel County to integrate their applications with other enterprise systems to incorporate additional GIS features. To make use of features not currently available in VertiGIS Studio Web, the County has created custom SDKs to bring in features offered by VertiGIS Studio Workflow and Esri. With these SDKs, Anne Arundel County can maximize their GIS investment and more easily create the applications their community needs!   

Want to learn more about MyAnneArundel? Check out the webinar below to learn more about the use of GIS in Anne Arundel County! 

Wondering what else is possible with VertiGIS Studio Web? Click the button below to learn how you can advance your GIS with VertiGIS Studio.  

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