Mon, 24 Apr 2023

ArcGIS AppStudio Retirement – What does this mean for you? 

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Retirement announcement | AppStudio overview 

With Esri’s recent announcement of the upcoming retirement of ArcGIS AppStudio and their call to “highly encourage our users to choose an alternative solution to AppStudio when starting a new app project”; many are now looking for alternative solutions. While Esri has recommended some possible alternatives, none of them truly resemble the current ArcGIS AppStudio pattern. This may present challenges for AppStudio users as they attempt to build new – or rebuild old – mobile GIS apps. 

Fortunately, there’s a better option. 

VertiGIS Studio Mobile checks all the boxes for an alternative product solution that uses similar patterns to ArcGIS AppStudio, including: 

  • Build native, disconnected-capable apps for Android, iOS, and Windows that can be distributed internally via MDM or published to app stores using our cloud build service. 
  • Simple deployment by offering the option to download the regularly updated VertiGIS Go ‘player’ app from the Android, iOS, or Windows app store to run your VertiGIS Studio Mobile apps. 
  • A web-based app construction and configuration interface. 
  • Options for branding your app to meet your organization’s brand guidelines. 

Esri Product Manager for ArcGIS AppStudio, Chris LeSueur comments, “I have seen what VertiGIS Studio Mobile can do with its Low-Code/No-Code approach to native app building; and I consider it a terrific and viable replacement for a large number of AppStudio use cases.” 

VertiGIS Studio Mobile is a central part of VertiGIS Studio, with an active development team ensuring regular updates to drive customer success (we’ve had 24 version releases since early 2019!). For over 20 years, VertiGIS has helped customers ‘do more’ with ArcGIS technology while maintaining our ongoing commitment to keep you on the latest Esri technology with little or no effort on your part. 

Other supporting VertiGIS Studio products make VertiGIS Studio Mobile even more compelling.  

  • VertiGIS Studio Workflow provides guided UI interactions ensuring the success of your end-users (Supercharged Smart Forms with full support for conditional logic to match your business processes exactly). 
  • VertiGIS Studio Analytics allows application administrators to understand how end-users are experiencing the application, what they are doing, and how the application performs. VertiGIS Studio Analytics can even collect this data when the application is disconnected to provide administrators with a complete picture of the end-users experience with the application. 

If you are looking for an alternative to ArcGIS AppStudio, we think you will be impressed with VertiGIS Studio Mobile. Contact us at and let us show you what is possible today.     

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