Mon, 26 Apr 2021

Four key benefits to adopting a mobile GIS solution.

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As mobile data requirements increase, the need to be able to collect and submit that data in an offline environment accurately and efficiently is paramount for success. If your field team isn’t equipped with a mobile GIS solution, your organization could be missing out on the opportunity to reduce errors, boost productivity, and make informed decisions more proactively.

Traditionally, field data collection and editing tends to be a very time consuming and manual process. Geographic data travels into the field in the form of paper maps, and field edits are performed using sketches. Once that data is brought back to the office, edits are made manually, resulting in data that is more prone to human error.

With that in mind, here are four key advantages to adopting a mobile GIS solution:

1. Save money. By adopting a mobile GIS framework, you’ll be reducing or eliminating your reliance on paper processes, which can lead to a significant amount of savings on printing costs, not to mention the costs associated with papers being lost or damaged. Additionally, by simplifying manual processes that free up your field team’s valuable time, you’ll also be saving money on internal resources.

2. Boost data accuracy. Another significant benefit to mobile GIS is that the data you’re obtaining is more accurate, reliable, and accessible. No more assumptions or human-caused errors that prevent you from getting complete clarity.

3. Real-time location intelligence. Mobile GIS can be used to monitor location data in real-time, which means that – whatever situation may occur – your GIS team can make intelligent, critical decisions confidently and quickly based on the data they’re viewing.

4. Synchronize changes offline. Modern advances in mobile technology means that field workers can now access applications and make edits in the field whether they’re online or offline. If data is entered while offline, that data can be synchronized once reconnected to the Internet. This reduces the problems associated with connectivity and paves the way for better field work.

Whether you’re responsible for managing utility workers, surveyors, or police officers, a mobile GIS solution can help you streamline your day-to-day operations and increase efficiency.

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