Mon, 26 Apr 2021

How VertiGIS customers are enriching the communities they serve.

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Maps have evolved through time and are still shaping our view of the world. They make it easy to share things in a way without losing impact or information, and they are one of the strongest tools we have at our disposal to communicate with each other visually.  

We thought that it would be a great opportunity to share with you some stories about how our customers have built innovative mapping solutions to further enrich their communities.  

City of Fort Collins  

The City of Fort Collins needed to build a FEMA-compliant dynamic flood mapping application that showed live rain gauge & stream flow information.  

Using VertiGIS technology, they developed a solution that was used for both spreading public awareness and providing more information to the citizens on where the floods are occurring during rain events.  

Since developing this solution, the city was able to save money on flood insurance and earn a higher CRS rating, which only six other communities in the United States have been able to do.  

Alberta Energy Regulator  

Back in 2014, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) took on the additional task of regulating reclamation and remediation activities for all of Alberta’s energy resource operations.  

This added responsibility came with a backlog of over 2,700 upstream oil and gas reclamation certificate applications. The backlog was due to a very complex process, essentially leading to significant amount of manual analysis.  

The AER collaborated with the VertiGIS team to put together a system called OneStop, a program that ensures all criteria for reclamation are properly examined in a timely fashion.  

As a result, the AER was not only able to increase efficiencies, but received an Esri Canada Award of excellence for using GIS technology to serve as a vital part of Alberta’s economy.  

City of Troy  

In order to comply with Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitting requirements, the City needed to come up with an innovative GIS solution that tracked time, equipment and connected its assets with data.  

The City was able to leverage VertiGIS technology and build an intuitive application which guides its staff through the collection of all essential elements needed during an inspection. In addition, they also leveraged database views to mark recently cleaned drains, enabling them to identify structures that had recently received maintenance.  

Since launching their application, they are now able to monitor individual repairs and costs, allowing them to better manage the use of their resources and take a smarter approach to how they prioritize their efforts.  


These are just a few of the stories our customers are telling about how GIS is being used to improve the way communities go about their tasks.  


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