Utilities Maintenance Management
Tue, 31 Aug 2021

Maintenance Management Solution for Utilities

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VertiGIS now offers a maintenance management solution for network operators, which helps businesses better plan for inspections, improve process documentation management, and streamline the maintenance cycle of all assets within a utility network. Network data and facility information recorded within the GIS are expanded to include maintenance management, and the asset inventory is dynamically linked to the defect management and necessary inspection obligations.

To ensure facility safety, legislators prescribe regular inspections, which take into account factors like the type of facility and its underlying guidelines, inspection intervals, required qualifications, and the inspection points.

VertiGIS has developed a maintenance management solution for our utilities customers to help them organize the asset inventory with respect to these important obligations.

Now our customers can visualize specific locations, their respective conditions, and the inspection obligations that need to be fulfilled. Also, their employees can be notified via email, SMS, or push message when there is work to be done or when new information is documented, allowing them to establish a more guided routine when organizing checklists or sharing work instructions.

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