Wed, 21 Apr 2021

Never act without a plan with VertiGIS Utilities network planning.

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VertiGIS Utilities accompanies you through the entire asset life cycle, from planning and construction to commissioning and maintenance.

With VertiGIS Utilities network planning can be carried out across several network divisions consistently in web and desktop applications. A rough draft can be sketched first and then planned in detail. You can also create several variants for a plan. Cost and material reports are available as a basis for well-prepared asset management decisions.  

The central component of network planning in VertiGIS Utilities is the Planning Manager. Network changes and extensions to the existing data can be roughly sketched in our web environment and a quick first estimate of the construction costs can be determined.

To evaluate different alternatives, the system allows you to create several planning variants. At the end of the rough planning phase, a variant is selected which is then elaborated in detail during the detailed planning phase. In the desktop environment of VertiGIS Utilities, editing, design and dimensioning tools are available to adjust the attributes (e.g. materials) and location of the planned components. By default, the creation of a topologically correct and rule-compliant network is possible. On this basis, further analyses, e.g. network calculations, can then easily be carried out. If required, external data (e.g. DXF drawings or aerial photographs) can be accessed. Graphical plans can be exported to DXF for easy exchange with construction companies.

A detailed material list is generated for each variant or construction phase. A calculation can be automatically derived from the planned assets. The materials list can be stored as a report document in combination with a map or it can be exported to Excel. In addition, the results of construction planning can also be used with external ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems via standard interfaces.

VertiGIS Utilities network planning is built on Esri Branch versioning. This allows for the transfer of planned objects into the inventory. The end-to-end support of VertiGIS Utilities along the entire asset life cycle enables effective collaboration between all parties involved across all affected areas. This ensures smooth workflows.

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