GIS-Centered Damage Prevention
Tue, 26 Oct 2021

Streamlining Task Location and Damage Prevention with a GIS-Centric Approach

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When it comes to damage prevention, having a system in place that both supports workers and mitigates risks can have many benefits. With research showing that most locators feel easy access to updated maps would improve their efficiency, implementing a GIS-centered approach to damage prevention seems like the perfect solution to empower workers while simultaneously maximizing prevention efforts.

Pinpoint, a VertiGIS product, offers an innovative GIS-centered approach to damage prevention that allows users to perform locate-related tasks in the context of already existing GIS systems. Benefits of using a system like Pinpoint for damage prevention include reduced risk of harm to workers, lessened operational disruptions, and saved time and money.

VertiGIS recently partnered with Directions Magazine to present a webinar highlighting the benefits of using a GIS-centered approach, such as Pinpoint, for streamlining locating tasks and preventing damage. As explained in the webinar, Pinpoint provides a centralized platform for viewing and managing locate requests in relation to existing GIS systems. With Pinpoint, users can evaluate locate-requests faster, lower risks of unexpected damages and support locators and workers in performing their work accurately and reliably.

The webinar featured a product demo that demonstrated how using Pinpoint in relation to your GIS provides a more efficient way to view and analyze locate-requests. As described, when 811 agencies push locate-request notifications to Pinpoint, relevant information is filtered, and Pinpoint pushes the pertinent locate-requests to the GIS-centered system. From there users can quickly evaluate the requests and determine what actions need to be taken.

Pinpoint offers additional functionalities including the ability to track ticket metric data in real-time. This helps to ease decision making efforts and supports users in managing seasonal fluctuations of locate-requests. With Pinpoint, users can effortlessly make evidence-based decisions including how large of a team to send for a particular job or how to best scale workloads.

To learn more about Pinpoint and see in action how it can support and improve damage prevention efforts, check out the webinar below!

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