Wed, 21 Apr 2021

VertiGIS Utilities makes your daily work easier.

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VertiGIS Utilities simplifies your daily work by integrating functionality and intuitive workflows into your processes in a meaningful way, accessible through a simple and practical interface.

Get to know the various possibilities of VertiGIS Utilities with ArcGIS Pro!

Landing Page – Overview of portals and selection of projects

The landing page is your entry point for working with VertiGIS Utilities on ArcGIS Pro. The landing page can overview the available portals and select appropriate projects.

The sign-in component ensures that the ArcGIS Pro user is signed in correctly to the ArcGIS Portal. After signing in, your VertiGIS projects are displayed in a clear list. Click to preview the project information, and the Details tab displays the project’s metadata (name, description, author, etc.).

Identify Assets – Visualize Hierarchies

With VertiGIS Utilities, you identify assets on the map or via an attributive search and display them clearly in an asset list. Use the asset list as a central point of contact for the management of findings, for example, in network tracing. By default, the asset list opens the Asset Editor and zooms into the map. Attribute data, hierarchies and assignments are clearly visualized in the Asset Editor.

Dimensioning and construction tools

The Dimension and Design Editor provides you with a versatile, intuitive tool. Create dimensions on lines, buildings or other objects with snap functions in just a few clicks, or use the tool to construct new points. Want to learn more about VertiGIS Utilities and ArcGIS Pro? Feel free to contact us!

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